Why choose factory primed?

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Priming Patterns and Trim on the construction site can be costly, time consuming, require extensive clean up operations, is weather dependent and does not come with a warranty. Premium Designs Patterns and Trim factory primed gets around all these problems, it saves money and offers up to a lifetime limited warranty on the primer coat.* Patterns and Trim are prime coated, face, back, edges and ends.

Sherwin-Williams Machine Finish Primer also offers Warranty Advantages when topcoated with Sherwin-Williams high performance exterior finishes (all warranties have limitations):

Warranty Information

Sherwin-Williams Latex / Acrylic Coatings Warranty*
Topcoat A-100 Exterior Finish 15-Years
Topcoat SuperPaint Exterior Finish 25-Years
Topcoat Resilience Exterior Finish Lifetime
Topcoat Duration Exterior Finish Lifetime

Download Full Warranty Information (PDF: 70kb)